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The Financial World Captured in a Single Framework

FinHub is like a Swiss Knife. It combines all essential tools into a single, deployable platform. It offers regulatory and financial solutions to small and large businesses worldwide. And we all know Swiss clockwork is exceptional.

Who Do We Serve

FinHub is a comprehensive, multi-functional modular platform developed for four different categories
of customers. We are proud to service:

Financial regulated entities that want to use our software based on their license(s) to act as Financial Service Providers.

Financial regulated entities that want to use our software with a third-party license to act as Financial Service Providers.

Unregulated financial entities that want to use our software with a third-party license to act as Financial Service Providers.

Merchants who want to use our software to enhance their platforms and add new features.

A single Application Programming Interface (API) is used to deploy our products. It’s
that straightforward.

Build Your Own Financial Ecosystem

We offer organizations everything they need to build apps and websites that accept and execute global cross-border payments. Our modular architecture enables companies to integrate different features, manage risk, and comply with KYC, KYB, AML, and PEP & Sanctions protocols.

Industry leaders and newly established businesses trust FinHub because it’s flexible and scalable. It allows organizations operating in different fields to build financial ecosystems that can effectively cater to their various needs.

Our products can be integrated into existing systems regardless of their coding language and type without programming. We use plugins specifically created for each customer to establish a connection between our framework and their platform. We use APIs and SDKs to communicate with web browsers and mobile applications.

How does FinHubs Infrastrucure Work

Banking Solutions for the Modern World

Money management doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and laborious process. FinHub was conceived to offer organizations viable and automated core banking solutions. From conventional and multicurrency Nostro Vostro accounts to card issuing sponsorship to Payment Facilitator Models and traditional fiat, crypto, or card transactions, businesses can have it all by integrating a single API.

Our technology is a solid bridge that links payment systems such as SWIFT, SEPA, Faster Payments, ACH, and EFT. It comprises various features, including PSD1, PSD2, SEPA Direct, SEPA B2B, etc., and can easily be upgraded with any new attributes issued by the aforementioned networks.





Master Admin Panel

Using FinHub is easy. It doesn’t require any additional training. Its master admin panel is designed with a user-friendly interface that allows clients to navigate swiftly from the testing section to the activation section.

Configuring our modules, generating reports, or verifying performance data is easily accomplished with our master admin panel. Its intuitive architecture enables users to set the parameters they require without spending hours going through different setting options.

FX Liquidity Management

FinHub’s exchange module makes trading a child’s game. Our product is designed with a state-of-the-art match engine and facilitates secure fiat and crypto exchanges. It uses several algorithms to determine market prices, meaning users can make the best possible deals at the time of their orders.

Converting digital assets into fiat currency or other coins is easy with our liquidity module. Developed to simplify the process as much as possible, our product can make even the least experienced traders into exchange gurus.

Smart Compliance Tools

Integrate AI and Rule-based engines into company systems with FinHub. Our solutions help businesses effectively detect fraud patterns and suspicious behavior. Executing one or more rules in a runtime production environment has never been easier.

Our platform is an all-in-one solution that can take organizations to the next level. Complying with local, regional, and global transaction fraud monitoring requirements can be made more precise with our self-learning product.

Why Developers Should Use

As developers, we understand the struggle of stitching different systems and modules together. Our goal is to spare our colleagues any headaches. We have spent resources, time, and energy to design, develop, and launch an intelligible and practical product. FinHub has tools for every stack and prebuilt integrations that facilitate deployment.

Global Scale

Enter the Global Market

world map

We firmly believe in inclusivity! We have designed our platform to serve anyone, anywhere. Both startups aiming to change the world and ambitious companies with global networks can use FinHub to quickly, easily, and effectively move money across borders.

Our offices and data centres are located worldwide, serving countless organisations and individuals daily. We cover different regions, including the EU, UK, USA, Canada, Latin America, APAC, Middle East, and Africa. Bring customers closer with FinHub!


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Using Process

Full Access to Our Rich API Library

FinHub is a user-friendly and powerful platform. It’s designed by a talented team for companies and developers who wish to integrate dependable features into their existing systems.

Whether businesses are looking to accept all types of online payments, conduct detailed compliance procedures, or launch loyalty programmers, FinHub can and will help their operations. It only takes a single API and the following steps:

Configure an Account

It takes 10 seconds to sign up via email and configure an account. No personal data or card payment details are required!

Test API

Set up a financial platform by choosing the needed modules and test the API in a safe environment.

Activate Modules

Choose a plan and conduct the payment online. Quick, easy, and safe!

Go Live

Improve processes with FinHub.