Elevate your organization by implementing our white-label issuing platform. The Issuing solution that SEPA Cyber Group provides combines the advantages of modules such as CMS, Digital Wallets, PAN Generation, Loyalty, E-vouchers, and so much more.

Core Issuing CMS

powered by FinCard and FinPay

Our CMS software allows businesses to manage their customers’ cards. Our software will enable companies to execute the tasks mentioned above rapidly and effectively. It can help organisations automate processes essential to their long-term success. Companies can choose from a wide range of Europay, MasterCard® and Visa® (EMV) contact and dual interface (contactless) cards.

Digital Wallet Account management

powered by FinCore and FinPay

SEPA Cyber Group enables companies to build their own mobile wallet from scratch to a fully functional platform. Some features include deposits, withdrawals, instant P2P payments, NFC purchases, transfers to third parties, payouts, etc. In addition, features like Google & Apple Pay VTS & MDES, 3DS VCAS and MSCA allow faster payments.

Card Issuing PAN Generation

powered by FinCard

Our CMS module offers the customers of your business payment cards and a PAN generation system. Allowing you to replace reimbursement reports. By connecting a CMS to expense management software, accountants can efficiently track work-related expenses, generate reports for tax season, and correctly reimburse employees.

Loyalty and E-vouchers

powered by FinCard

The Loyalty solution has proven to increase retention rates and long-term commitment. The loyalty module enables companies to build lasting relationships with all their customers through rewards upon purchases and creating incentives through point-based schemes. Our E-voucher functionality gathers and files all supporting documents needed to approve liability for payments.

Reporting and Reconciliation

powered by FinReport

Our R&R functionality enables users to check accounts and ensure the accuracy of calculations in an agreement. Automating the vital process that’s time-consuming and labour-intensive. Tracking all Cards, eVouchers, loyalty programs, etc., is now easy and safe. The SEPA Cyber Group reporting and reconciliation modules allow organisations to easily track client behaviour, card usage, revenue flow, and other vital processes.

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