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Conquer the exchange world with FinHub. Our platform offers real-time, dependable, and accurate solutions for beginner and experienced traders.

Conventional Exchanges

Fiat Exchange

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Converting fiat money from one currency to another can be a struggle. Knowing all the rates in real time requires constant monitoring, which can be costly. Our platform automates the process and offers a dependable buy-and-sell arbitrage. We enable businesses to convert fiat money at affordable rates while minimising foreign exchange risk.


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Buying and selling bonds and stock shares are integral to the global economy. But the exchange market can be tricky. One bad call can ruin companies and leave them in debt. Diminish risk by deploying our solutions. FinHub features many top-of-the-line functionalities, allowing organisations to trade efficiently.

Crypto Exchanges

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Crypto is here, and it’s not going anywhere. Use FinHub to access this new market. Our product can help businesses acquire, sell, and store digital assets. It’s compatible with different cryptocurrencies, offering many trading options. 

Our experts have integrated a matching engine into FinHub’s Crypto Exchange module that helps companies buy and sell crypto at the most beneficial rates. It also features buy-and-sell arbitrage. Meaning organisations can take advantage of price differences and increase their chance of making a profit.

Reporting and Reconciliation

powered by FinReport

The reporting and reconciliation function enables users to check two or more accounts and ensure the numbers are correct and in agreement. It automates a vital process that takes considerable time and manual labour.

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