Core Banking

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Managing separate e-money, crypto, and fiat accounts can be overwhelming. At SEPA Cyber Group, we aim to make the lives of our clients easier. We’ve created a multi-asset core account system (FinCore) that enables users to manage their capital from a single, easily deployable platform.

FinCore is a comprehensive product used on web-based and mobile technologies suitable for B2B and B2C operations. It enables our clients to conduct single, bulk, and scheduled transactions with as few steps as possible.
We facilitate procedures related to
Loan Modeling
Interest Calculation

Blockchain Suitable Solution

Our solution is compatible with all types of crypto and offers access to all the major blockchain networks:






*FinCore can be integrated with smaller blockchains on demand

It’s also developed to provide access to different payment and card networks that work with various fiat and e-money currencies, including:

We offer users the possibility to acquire and make payments and exchange assets simply and conveniently. And the best part? They won’t need developers to integrate FinCore into their systems.

Digital Wallet Account management

Through FinCore, SEPA Cyber Group enables companies to build their own mobile wallet from scratch to a fully functional platform. Some features include deposits, withdrawals, instant P2P payments, NFC purchases, transfers to third parties, payouts, etc. In addition, features like Google & Apple Pay VTS & MDES, 3DS VCAS and MSCA allow faster payments.

Our core banking product is an all-in-one solution for financial operators because it can connect with all modules in FinHub’s library

Upgrade your platform with the click of a button.

Integrate our modules with a single API.