Multi-channel communication modules

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It’s essential for an organisation to ensure that its information systems are safe and secure. The FinHub communication gateway modules are an excellent way to protect your customer and user data. Communication gateways are a great way of increasing customer loyalty and confidence in your brand. Businesses can inform clients about new products, services, or policy changes with our modules. The platform’s different communication modules enable companies to reach their customers via the following mediums:

SMS Gateway – Add an extra layer of security by adopting a two-factor authentication via SMS messaging. With our SMS gateway, you can send mass messages, real-time notifications, alerts, special offers and many more.

Viber / WhatsApp / Telegram – Popular platforms that provide instant messaging and SMS notifications for authentication purposes.

The channels mentioned above will let companies stay in touch with their customers, informing them about significant policy changes or promotions while offering superior protection. 


Two-Factor Authentication Can Be Implemented Through Different Channels 


Our multi-channel communication modules will enable businesses to target specific marketing campaigns and incorporate perfect customer support modules that will change how your company functions. 

Organisations that maintain an open relationship with their clients allow them to increase their conversion rate and improve long-term success. Take advantage of our communication modules and connect with clients in a better way. 

Keep your communication secure and protect your business from phishing attacks, malware, and viruses. Secure electronic communications, data loss prevention and supervisory controls are all compliance and email security challenges that companies in the financial sector need to track. You can achieve all of the above with our communication modules. 

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