Banking Services

Organisations that provide online banking services need a dependable platform to ensure secure and correct operations. FinHub offers precisely that. We have captured essential banking processes in a single framework that is easy to integrate into existing systems.

Nostro and Vostro Accounts

FinHub’s Nostro and Vostro modules enable companies to open accounts in local and foreign currencies. They facilitate international transactions and minimise exchange rate risk. Last but not least, they allow businesses to scale up and position themselves in new markets.

Card Issuing Sponsorship

Organisations can issue cards and provide BIN sponsorship by deploying our modules into their framework. Our products are compatible with different card payment networks, including Visa and MasterCard. Issuing cards can become a simple and feasible task with FinHub.

Payment Facilitator Models

Businesses that don’t have their own MID can implement our Payment Facilitator (PayF) Model modules to ease account acquisition. Our platform enables them to accept payments under a master MID account. Our solutions help companies that want to begin working with electronic transactions.

Virtual IBANs Multi-Currency Multi-Network

Reroute incoming payments to different physical bank accounts with our Virtual IBAN module. Our product is reconcilable with different networks and manages transactions in various currencies. It’s a practical tool developed to facilitate the expansion of small and large organisations.

Upgrade your platform with the click of a button.

Integrate our modules with a single API.

Generating accurate reports is of paramount importance for smooth operations. Our solution ensures that. It can create different documents with detailed information that companies can use to make adequate decisions regarding their customers and revenue.