The Importance of Acquiring

The physical and digital commerce landscapes are becoming a whole. FinHub’s technology is designed to help companies support cross-border, multi-channel payments. Using our platform enables businesses to stay competitive in a cut-throat environment.

Acquiring Modules

Core Aquiring CRM

powered by FinSWITCH

FinHub’s end-to-end Core Aquiring CRM module can collect and control vital customer information. It can help organisations accept payments in different currencies via various mediums and run FEE and commission management procedures. It’s a tool developed to help companies scale up.


powered by FinSWITCH

Integrating our SWITCH module into existing frameworks enables businesses to accept both online and offline payments. Meaning they can safely process transactions made through bank accounts or via parking and toll systems. It’s a reliable solution available on a scalable SaaS model.


powered by FinPOS

Our ETMS module can acquire and manage payments from different technologies, such as ATMs, POS, mPOS, and SOFTPOS. It can also be used to automate transaction permissions and control EMV parameters, merchant information, and different payment-related tables.

Internet Payment Gateway

powered by FinPOS and FinPay

At SEPA Cyber Group, we offer two types of IPGs. One is developed for banks and PSPs that need dependable acquiring technology. The other, which we have branded FinPOS, is created for merchants and comes in a bundle with the necessary licences.

Reporting and Reconciliation

powered by FinReport

Monitoring multiple payments hourly and daily can be very challenging. Our reporting and reconciliation module automates the process. It helps organisations keep track of receipts and proceeds. Allowing them to determine whether they have collected what they are owed in full. Generating accurate reports is of paramount importance for smooth operations. Our solution ensures that. It can create different documents with detailed information that companies can use to make adequate decisions regarding their customers and revenue.

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