Why SEPA Cyber Group

SEPA Cyber Group is an organisation comprising multiple entities united under a single goal – to offer innovative technological solutions to help companies grow and attain their goals.

Capable and Trustworthy Professionals

We believe a company is only as good as its employees, so we have carefully background-checked and selected our staff. Each developer at our organisation knows the intricacies of the FinTech industry, meaning they know what solutions work best. At SEPA Cyber Group, we take pride in working with talented and energetic individuals who use their skills to create practical, cutting-edge products that deliver the promised results. Our ambition is to help businesses approach the financial world from a different avenue.

With our solutions, small and large organisations can execute quick and easy transactions, acquire payments, issue cards, trade on different exchanges, abide by compliance regulations, and more. In SEPA Cyber Group, companies will discover more than a service provider. They will find an experienced and trustworthy partner ready to walk with them. Our team is constantly evolving and expanding. We value and grow our community because each person who connects with us becomes a part of our family.

Discover a New Universe With FinHub

FinHub is one of our most outstanding products. It’s an all-encompassing platform consisting of hundred of third-party and proprietary modules that can be integrated into existing frameworks with a single API.

FinHub for a better customer experience in banking

Expand their current operational network

Access new markets

Target new audiences

Streamline essential procedures

Enhance their service portfolio

Monitor operations and revenue streams

Improve customer satisfaction and retention

And much more

Deploying FinHub requires zero human interaction because our platform is fully automated. Test it in the morning and go live by the afternoon. Furthermore, our solution is scalable, which means businesses can add and remove modules as they see fit.

We create tomorrow’s technology today! Expand operations and boost business effectively. Integrate our modules with a single API.

Upgrade your platform with the click of a button.